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Tungsten Carbide ring is a kind of tool material which consists of tungsten carbide and cobalt with high hardness and wear resistance.


Tungsten carbide ring is a kind of  tool material which consists of tungsten carbide and cobalt with high hardness and wear resistance. In order to make full use of these advantages, for example high wear resistance, long service life, high efficiency, you should pay attention to the followings:

1. You should select the appropriate rings to meet the rolling mills.

2. For installing the rings, you must  be exactly according to the instructions. Any incorrect operation, for example, the fitting between ring and arbor or the spacer rings is too tight or too loose, may cause the roll failing to work. It is also  very important to check if the rings confirm to the techinical requirems and clean the rings, arbor and spacer rings prior to rolling. It is strictly prohibited to hit the rings with hammer or other hard objects while assembling.

3. Cooling is intended to reduce the influence on roll rings thermal corrosion, fatigue and stress during milling . It can prevent the roll rings from cracking and slow down the diffusion of cracks, prolonging the life time of grooves. It plays an important role in optimizing the performances of roll rings. The reference data for cooling are as follows: The temperature of cooling water is below 25 C, pressure of cooling water is 5-6 bar with a water volume of 24-30m /hr/stand. The water is jetted in a radial direction and the angle between the water jet and the rotating direction of roll rings is 15-30 degrees. The width of the water column is 2 times that of the groove and the water should be jetted directly into the grooves and the water should not be scattering or misty.

Water quality requirement:

For YGH series PH 7.2 medium or weak alkali water

For YGR series PH 7.2 or PH 7.2 weak acid water

The content of solid particles in the water<15 milligram/litre

4. Even in the perfect cooling condition, the fatigue crack will appear . To prevent it from growing, we need to re-machine the pass timely when the fatigue crack reaches 0.2mm deep. Otherwise,the growing crack may cause the roll breaking anytime.

The regular pass life is recommended as follows:

Stands of pre-finishing rolling mill:(3500-4000)tons

1-2 Stands of finishing rolling mill:(1800-2500)tons

3-4 Stands of finishing rolling mill:(1800-2500)tons

5-6 Stands of finishing rolling mill:(1500-2000)tons

7-8 Stands of finishing rolling mill:(1500-2000)tons

9-10 Stands of finishing rolling mill:(600-1200)tons

Reducing Stands :(600-1200)tons

5. Repair of groove:

In order to remove the fatigue crack completely, we need to re-dress the pass deep enough. Actually, it is quite difficult and inconvenient to check if the fatigue crack is still there or not. Here are some suggestions of re-dressing for your reference:

Roll rings for 9-10 finishing stands: 0.4-0.6mm

Roll rings for 11-8 finishing stands: 0.7-1.2mm

Roll rings for pre-finishing stands: 1.2-2.0mm



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